Art al Ras is born with the hands of artists Glen Joseph and Jesus Pedrola, Regional Council of Terra Alta and the support of its twelve municipalities.

In the current context of respect for the environment, Art al Ras wants to be the driving force of a collective work·lectiva that, from the artistic field, help both the necessary ecological awareness.

A diverse group of artists formed by painters, sculptors, poets and writers have joined forces to perform a series of sculptures and visual poems, instal·lats paths of Terra Alta, try to create in the viewer the idea of ​​communion between art and nature.

However, all this work not fully achieve its objective unless take into account the social aspect that implies. There is no reason why art remains locked in urban areas. Please reach out to everyone, it is where you are and whatever your daily activity. We all have the right to enjoy things that are necessary for not make us free, and we must understand that art develops a role in this conception of society. Art al Ras aims to stimulate, both the author and the viewer. a new way of seeing and living environment and landscape.

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In Terra Alta you can find a big variety of places, accommodation, restaurants, tourist service companies, and more things to enjoy this sublime place.

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Where to sleep?Accommodation
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Where to eat?Restaurants
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What activities can I do?Tourist services
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How to arrive?Tourist services
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