Despite being an interior region, Terra Alta provides the possibility to sail and fish in the river water in the reservoir of Riba-roja d'Ebre, in boundary of La Pobla de Massaluca, where the river Matarranya drains to Ebre. In this place there is a nautical area with everything nature and river sports lovers need: port, boat parking, bungalows, restaurant…

The reservoir is a paradise for fishers of "silurs" (catfish) and other large freshwater fish, like "lluci perca", "carpa" and "perca americana" (black bass). The water close to Matarranya and Ebre are especially suitable to capture the "perca americana", due to the rocky orography.

The reservoir of Riba-roja extends by boundaries of la Pobla Massaluca, Riba-roja d'Ebre (Ribera d'Ebre), Faió and Mequinensa, the last two in Aragó, and configures an extraordinary mass of water where you can sail in more of 50 km length. It is an unspoilt area, with incredible beauty of landscapes, where you can breathe peace and calm.

The abundance of fish, especially of "silur" - imported species of big rivers of centre of Europa in 1974 -, implies that lots of fishers go to this place. The characteristics of the reservoir, the depth and quality of water create a favorable habitat for the development of large catfish, some of them more than two meters long and nearly a hundred kilos.

Fishing and recreational sail are complemented with other activities of active tourism, such as aquatic skiing, swim, immersion water, kayak rides, observation of birds, hiking, or walking routes.

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