The road Sant Jaume de l'Ebre gathered pilgrims which went to Santiago de·Compostela, from towns of the Mediterranean. In Terra Alta, through the municipalities of Pinell de Brai, Prat de Comte, Gandesa, Vilalba dels Arcs and Batea. This route goes into Terra Alta by the Greenway at the level of Codines de Riberola, municipality of Pinell de Brai. Following this old railway of beaty landscape you arrive to the sanctuary of Fontcalda (Gandesa) regional Marian pilgrimage center. Here you can rest and swim in the river Canaletes. From la Fontcalda the way goes up to Gandesa, where we find the Romanesque-Gothic archpriest church of Assumpció, where the large gateway made according to canons of the School of Lleida highlights. Before go to the old royal road that passes through the cross of the Saboga toward Batea, you have to go into the town of Vilalba dels Arcs, where in the Casa Coll there is the museum of the road of Sant Jaume de l'Ebre, ancestral residence that preserves its original atmosphere and recreates the reasons of·the pilgrimage to Compostela·by Ebre route. Batea is the last town in this route. The old town center is the most characteristic of the whole region Terra Alta. The main attraction is the street Major, with porches, and the chapel of Mare de Déu del Portal, of baroque style. At the top of the village it is the Parish Church of Sant Miquel, a baroque and neoclassical building from 18th century . Following the route, from 3 km of Batea, there is the "Creu de la Vall", the last religious monument of Catalan region. From here and with the threshold of the river Algars, the route says goodbay to Catalonia and it goes to Aragó.


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