The proposed route as a oil route by the region starts in Arnes, at the level of the shelter of the oil mill recently become into a tourist information point. From here, following the road T-330, the route goes on until the path that goes to farmhouse of la Franqueta (Horta de Sant Joan) taking to the departure of Viarnets, where you can see olive tree fields of "empeltre" variety. After the town of Horta de Sant Joan, the next stop is the olive tree El Parot, a bimillennium·olive tree declared monumental tree in 1990. The route continues along the road T-334 to Bot where, in surrounding area of the town and near to the Greenway, there are the remains of the mill of town. From Bot you must go to Caseres, where there is a proposed visit to farm of olive trees to contemplate the result of the agricultural work in the olive tree farming. Then the route goes to Batea, where there is a proposed visit to a farm where the "arbequina" variety is grown in intensive form. From there the route goes to Vilalba dels Arcs and La Pobla de Massaluca where, in this last town, you can visit a modern oil mill. From here, along the road TV-7411, you arrive in 15 km at the beginning of the path of the Valley of Sant Francisco (La Fatarella). Following the tour of this valley you arrive to la Fatarella, and from here to departure of Raïmats, where you can see an arbequina olive tree field. After the visit of la Fatarella, the route goes towards the town of Gandesa, which the visit of the area of wine and oil is obligatory. The last town on the route of the oil in Terra Alta is Pinell de Brai, where the modernist cooperative winery Cèsar Martinell excels, inside which there is an old mill of pneumatic press.

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