Two-seater Motor Parachute Flights


  • Season : The whole year
  • Description : Company located in Els Guiamets (Priorat) dedicated to the organization of the motor parachute flights in different areas such as the regions of Priorat, Terra Alta and Ribera d'Ebre and other places like Costa Durada or Delta de l'Ebre. You will travel by a two-seater motor parachute accompanied by an instructor pilot. The pilot will be responsible for driving and you enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can make photos or videos from the heights with your camera or your mobile phone. The only choice that you have to do is choose if you want a quiet trip or you prefer an acrobatic flight with more extreme maneuvers. Whatever you choose we surely will have a good time!!
  • Organizing company : VOLSANT
Contact details

 649 918 153