Visit the property and wine tasting

 Visit vineyards

  • Season: The whole year
  • Description: If the weather permits, the itinerary begins with a trip to know the natural environment of >Bot and its vineyards. Next, in the winery, they offer a tasting of 3 wines. We have an appropriate visit for people who are already initiated into the world of wine culture, this option includes a tasting of 5 wines. Both options include a small snack. Visit length: 90-100 minutes. ​​Visit languages: CATALAN, SPANISH, ENGLISH. Price of the service person: 8 €. The advanced modality (5 wines) costs 15 €. When the payment is effective, they write out a coupon of 5 or 10 €, depending on the type, redeemable for purchases of wine in the shop. We accept payments with credit or debit card.
  • Organizing company: Agrícola Sant Josep