Cans collected in the wild

470 x 90 cm

Visual artist and poet, performer. He graduated in psychology and worked as a social educator, although no longer active. These studies are complemented with drawing and painting, instal·Policy, artistic expression and visual poetry. Artistically active since 1993. You can follow his career and work in various magazines and anthologies of visual poetry, catalogs and internet Vimeo:

I Facebook: . Ha publicat diversos llibres (between them: "Spend a poem by the eye of a needle". Vision Pliegos not. 93-Babylon, Navarrés (Valencia), 2019. "Lyricism matérico. 1996-2011”. Vision Pliegos not. 41-Babylon, Navarrés -Valencia, 2012; “A”. Micropoesía 32, Nanoediciones, Madrid, 2011. download ; “Research 1968 ". The Flea Oil, Bridge Oil, Badalona, 2009; "Codes". Editorial pix, Barcelona, 1998). Exposes individual or collective·Legal issues and it can be seen on stage reciting poetry and executing actions and / or performances. It also offers workshops and lectures regularly on his work. Coordinates and the police 2011, 2012 and 2019 the call land art “Poblet. Nature and Art” (Poblet Nature), Then you have your between 2016 and 2020 as "The Ports. Nature and Arts " (Natural Park of Ports).

  • Name: Landscape
  • Author: Sergi Quiñonero (Barcelona, 1968)
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