Lloguer d'embarcacions de 15 HP (Fishing and Walk)

 Water Sports

  • Season: From 1st March to 31 th December
  • Description: Rental boats of 15 HP without a license or navigation title. Light aluminum boat with a capacity of up to 5 people (recommended 3 people at the most to fishing comfortably), prices change depending on occupants. The boat includes: probe, bilge pump, life vests and, optionally, electric motor. This season we also have the boat "Sara". In addition to the mentioned before, Sara includes wheel and carpeted floor. It is ideal for fishing, and to walk with family or friends, The maximum number of occupants is 3 adults and a child under 10 years. The rental boat is a collaboration·jointly between Càmping PortMassaluca and the company Ebro Fishing Boats. Thanks to this company we have more advanced and prepared boats, because the quality is our priority.
  • Organizing company: Càmping i Restaurant PortMassaluca