180 x 60 x 40 cm

Commentary of the work:

The blue color is an indispensable part of the pictorial work of Emilia Perucho. It is not surprising that is painted blue two cats resting in the middle of nature.


Born in Vilaller (Lleida),studied sculpture at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. All his work is focused on sculpture, but in recent years also focuses his creativity in painting.

Emilia Perucho artistic career is linked to Corbera d'Ebre, as he made the letter U Alphabet of Freedom in the Old Town of Corbera d'Ebre and participated in three Biennale focused on human rights also in the Old Town of Corbera d'Ebre.

He has participated in more than 100 exhibitions, both co·teaching and individual. Most of them in Catalonia and France,


  1. Culture Jose Limon - Barcelona
  2. 1982 First Prize Miquel Oliva Prat - Palamos
  3. Currently works in private Collections and Art Centers.


  • Name: cats
  • Author: Emilia Perucho
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